Celebrating 25 Years of DJ Shadow’s 'Endtroducing' LP

For any artist or musician, there are fond memories of “the firsts.” The first live gig, the first single, the first press acknowledgement. 1996 will always hold a special place in my heart because it represents the year that I released my first album. Almost immediately, everything changed. I became established, regarded as something more than just an underground phenomenon...and the album that did it for me, ‘Endtroducing.....,’ turns 25 years old on September 16th.
To mark this occasion, Universal and I have prepared a couple of interesting releases. There’s an Abbey Road Half-Speed Master of the original LP, as well as a separate 7” featuring Cut Chemist’s classic remix of ‘The Number Song.’ The B-side features a brand-new DJ tool, utilizing isolated elements from the album; it’s called ‘Endtroducing: Drums, Drops, and Scratches.’ Both the LP and the 7” have been remastered, for the first time, from the original studio tapes, revealing clarity unheard until now. Even the iconic cover photograph by B+ was rescanned from the original negative in previously impossible-to-obtain detail. We’ll be carrying both releases here at DJShadow.com, with an advance order beginning on September 1st.
We’re also marking the occasion with a few new garments, all bearing the commemorative ‘25’ logo. There’s a long sleeve tee, a heather green short-sleeved option, and a limited-edition gold colorway. As usual, you can purchase the items individually, and there is also a discounted bundle here.
2021 hasn’t been easy for anyone. There’s been so much disruption to our daily lives, not to mention means of income, that it feels almost inappropriate to promote myself and my music. But I’m proud of these releases, and I’m hoping that perhaps they’ll bring some much-needed enjoyment to a small percentage of those who remember 1996 and an era of optimism that ‘Endtroducing’ helped soundtrack.
With respect always,
-DJ Shadow