New Lyric Tees, Flexi-Disc, and More Updates From DJ Shadow

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all safe and enduring these last couple of months before wishing ‘good riddance’ to 2020 once and for all. Just wanted to drop you a quick note about a few exciting things you’ll want to be aware of. 


To start with, beginning today, there’s a free limited-edition flexi-disc offer launching at the store. It’s the only way to get my track with UK rapper Barny Fletcher, “Two Notes,” on vinyl.


How do you get it?  We’ve got new t-shirts commemorating lyrics from two of my most popular recent songs, “Nobody Speak” and “Rocket Fuel.” It’s pretty simple: buy a shirt, get the flexi-disc for free, included automatically, until they run out. Shop now.


Next up, did you catch the news? I recently completed a remix of a Deftones track, “Digital Bath,” for their 20th Anniversary edition of the classic White Pony album, to be released next month. The tracklist looks amazing, check it out here!


Lastly, in the middle of all of this angst and dread, there was actually a blip of personal good news this month. For the first time ever in my career, I had a record, “Nobody Speak” with Run The Jewels, achieve gold status in the USA (the equivalent of 500,000 sales). It may seem incongruous given my intractably underground musical identity, but it’s a measure of success I’ve always dreamt of attaining, and it has finally happened. What I’m proudest of is that it happened with THIS song, a totally non-commercial, uncompromising face-slap of a track. I couldn’t be prouder.


The official video for ”Rocket Fuel” feat. De La Soul took home four awards at the 2020 UK MVA’s.


Of course, it wouldn’t have happened without the memorable and iconic video, from director Sam Pelling.  And speaking of Sam, he and his team just won four awards at the UK Music Video Awards, including best video overall, for his second DJ Shadow effort, “Rocket Fuel.”  Congrats Sam, and thanks again!!

Like you, I’m very much anticipating the New Year and the symbolic spirit of rebirth that it brings.  We’ve gotten so much wrong as a species, and it’s a chance to start over and try to breathe some positivity into the world.  I especially look forward to touring again, and experiencing all of the variety and beauty that our different cities, towns, and most importantly people, have to offer.  Let’s hope this will be possible, but until then, you can trust that I’ll be listening to, and eventually making, a lot of music.  It’s the only way I feel I can effectively contribute something of worth to our shared experience.  Well, occasionally, anyway! 

With gratitude,

-DJ Shadow