New lyric tees, flexi-disc, and more updates from DJ Shadow

Hi everyone, Hope you’re all safe and enduring these last couple of months before wishing ‘good riddance’ to 2020 once and for all. Just wanted to drop you a quick note about a few exciting things you’ll want to be aware of.  To start with, beginning today, there’s a free limited-edition flexi-disc offer launching at […]

Must-read new message from DJ Shadow

Friends, I thought I’d touch base while we continue to navigate these uncharted waters. Over the last few weeks, I’ve heard many opinions from peers about what the role of an “entertainer” should be… what sort of tone one should take on social media, what kind of outlook to project. Nonetheless, I find myself conflicted. […]

An Update from DJ Shadow

Friends, I hope this message finds you all safe and well.  As many of you know, I recently released a double-album entitled Our Pathetic Age. Some of you also know that I’ve been hard at work assembling an all-new live show to accompany the album. I’m writing now to bring you up to speed with […]

DJ Shadow Releases “Slingblade” Official Video and Announces 2020 U.S. Tour

DJ Shadow worked with one of Japan’s finest visual design studios & directors to create this stunning visual for “Slingblade” – watch & enjoy the official video. Credits: Visual Design Studio: WOW inc.Director:Ryo KitabatakeVisual Designer:Ryo Kitabatake, Takuma Sasaki, Tai KomatsuProducer:Ko Yamamoto Our Pathetic Age 2020 U.S. Tour Dates

DJ Shadow Dives Into the Details of His Second Collaboration With Run the Jewels

My first collab with Run The Jewels, “Nobody Speak,” turned into a success story I don’t think any of us could have predicted. Given the song’s preeminence, we all felt compelled to work together again, but we were also aligned in not wanting to make “Nobody Speak Part Two.” We sought to do something completely different, and […]

DJ Shadow’s brand new double-album ‘Our Pathetic Age’ out now

Friends, Today marks an occasion that carries tremendous significance in my life; a moment in time that represents the culmination of so many hours of inspiration, frustration, and anticipation. It’s the day I’m able to share my latest album. While I’ve been fortunate enough to achieve such a milestone several times in the past, this […]

DJ Shadow – “Rosie” (Video by Ben Stokes) Behind The Scenes

Long-time collaborator, Ben Stokes put together a fun visualizer for the new song “Rosie” off Our Pathetic Age. Watch the video here. The idea of this visualizer was to portray the magnets on the refrigerator coming alive after everyone has gone to sleep. Ben Stokes brought the concept to life using traditional stop motion techniques. The […]

DJ Shadow’s New Album out November 15

I’m ecstatic to tell you that I have a new album coming, and it’s quite possibly the biggest of my career. The title of the project is Our Pathetic Age, and it will be released on November 15th. Clocking in at nearly  90 minutes, and with over 20 brand new full-length tracks, it’s my first […]

The Story Behind The Sample that Made “Rocket Fuel”

Occasionally, family and friends will refer me to vinyl collections because they know it’s my thing. Usually, it’s just run-of-the-mill stuff that I’m happy to take off of people’s hands; as more of a trash removal service than anything else. Last year, sometime in April, my dad left a message on my phone saying that […]

DJ Shadow’s New Single “Rocket Fuel” feat. De La Soul – Out Now

Hello! Well, it’s been awhile since my last album The Mountain Will Fall, and the corresponding tour…and since the tour ended, I’ve been mostly silent. This is because I’ve been focused and working on a ton of music. I usually try to avoid hyperbole, and I’m not super-comfortable hyping up my own stuff, but things are […]