DJ Hero/DJ Shadow Handmade Raffle Winners and Activision congratulates the 2 winners for the DJ Hero/DJ Shadow Handmade Raffle! All customers who purchased any DJ Shadow Handmade product from November 2009-January 2010 at the Store were automatically entered into our raffle to win a free DJ Hero video game signed by Shadow, plus other surprise Shadow merchandise and accessories.

The winners (selected at random):
Jason Slack
Video Game Console: Xbox 360
From Rochester, New York
Jason says: “Why I Love Shadow: It’s all about those beats. The man knows his rhythm. As a music fan, Shadow’s mixes and sampling introduce me to a lot of hidden gems and save me from a lot of dusty basement music shelf digging. It’s really an invaluable service… Thanks so much for the DJ Hero Game! I guess I picked the right day and time to grab that Handmade Bundle!”

Bjorn Johansson
Video Game Console: Playstation 3
Originally from Stockholm Sweden, but now in New York City.
Bjorn says: “Thank you! Fan for life. Bjorn”