DJ Shadow: Evening Session Mix August 21st, 1998

Sometimes referred to as “the Miami Bass mix,” this is Shadow spinning live in the studio for Steve Lamacq’s radio show on the BBC. Prior to the mix, Shadow and James Lavelle were interviewed about the upcoming Psyence Fiction LP [we hope to present this rather amusing interview on the site shortly.]

Shadow recounts, “It was one of several times that I mixed live on the air for the BBC. The studios are really small, and it’s usually rented gear, so you’re never quite sure how the turntables are going to behave. I was happy with the mix, though…I was in a phase where I was falling in love again with a lot of late ‘80s club tracks I used to like. Again, it probably made no sense to the fans listening in, but I suppose at the time I was trying to articulate to all of these ‘Big Beat’ groups what real club music should sound like.”