DJ Shadow / Asia Born: Entropy

Warning: This has been bootlegged. The bootleg is often housed in a white and blue “DJ Shadow” rock-style lettering sleeve. The deadwax on the bootleg simply says SS-001 A & B, with a “1” following A & B. The original says “Reconstruction Continues” on Shadow’s side and “For Dad” on Asia Born’s side.

The very first pressing had blank white labels with clear black and white stickers affixed over the top comprising the artwork See Photo Here; quickly followed by a simultaneous black & white label version with black jackets, and black & tan label version with white jackets. Shadow estimates only about 100 copies of the first clear-sticker version exist, all of which were handed out and not sold. Although there were several pressings into the mid ’90s, the deadwax info remains the same.

This was the very first Solesides release, and set the stage for subsequent classics by Latyrx, Blackalicious, and DJ Shadow.