Viddy Project

Is antiquated technology making you feel like a hoarder? Time to “SCALE IT BACK” with DJ Shadow and Viddy.

We all use phones, computers, and tablets. But what do you do with the old stuff once you upgrade? Is it clogging up your garage? Multiplying in your desk drawers? Well, here’s your chance to do something creative with that old junk:

join DJ Shadow and Viddy to make a short movie showing us the best solutions you can come up with for scaling back the tech clutter in YOUR life.

We want to see your inventions, art exhibits, and eco-solutions using broken, outdated, and unwanted tech. Make something new, and create a 15-second video clip of your idea using the Viddy app. Upload your entry, and we’ll take the best movies and use them in a brand new video clip for DJ Shadow’s new single, “Scale It Back.” Be fun! Be abstract! Be artistic! Most of all, be SAFE … and give your tech junk one last chance to serve before you cart it off to an approved recycling center.

So grab that old technology, put it to use, and film away…

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