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MPC Era Poster + Download Bundle

Official MPC Era Poster and an instant digital download of the full release.

Poster Dimensions: 36″w x 24″h

Track List:
1. Intropy (Original Version)
2. Vee In Detroit

3. Dreams Of A Piece
4. The Not-So-Quiet Storm
5. Fast Rap Fanfare
6. Intensely Hitting
7. Mystical With Solo
8. Alright
9. Don’t Try It
10. From The Old School
11. Freddi’s Popcorn
12. Quickstep
13. Movin’ On (Gab Demo 1)
14. Falling Up
15. Mellow But Chunky
16. Total Breakdown (Gab Demo 2)
17. Heavy Mood
18. Affectations
19. Perilous Journey (Gab Demo 3)
20. Aye
21. Brittle But Magic
22. Atmospheric Disturbances
23. Swimming Upstream (Gab Demo 4)
24. Up For Grabs (Outro) Bonus Tracks:
25. Give Up The Drums
26. Slow Poke
27. Vortex

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MPC Era Poster

The official “Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From The MPC Era, 1992-1996” Poster.

Dimensions: 36″w x 24″h

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Endtroducing Cover – Panoramic Poster

Endtroducing Panoramic Poster
38″-15″ (Width X Height)
4 color process (CMYK), on 63# White Endeavour Velvet Cover 50/25 paper

PLEASE NOTE: Posters are sent separately from all other products. If you order expedited shipping on a poster in conjunction with other products, the poster will be sent via regular post, and the additional items will be expedited. If you wish for everything to be expedited, please order posters separately from all other products. Thank you.

This panoramic poster features the full-length Endtroducing photo taken by B+ in 1996. The photo was used for the cover of DJ Shadow’s debut, critically acclaimed album. The poster is printed with 4 color process (CMYK), on 63# White Endeavour Velvet Cover 50/25 paper, making for some high quality, durable prints.

The print measures approximately 38″-15″ (Width X Height).

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Endtroducing Basement Photo #2- Poster

24″ x 24″ (Width X Height)
Black and White Print, on 63# White Endeavour Velvet Cover 50/25 paper. Very high quality and durable print

This poster features a photo of Shadow taken by B+ in 1996, in the basement of one of the record shops Shadow dug through to create the seminal “Endtroducing” album. This is the 3rd installment of the Endtroducing poster series.

The 1st: the Panoramic Endtroducing Cover print, is available in the Art Prints, Posters & Accessories section right here at

The 2nd installment, which is currently unavailable, was the original Basement poster, which displayed Shadow in a sea of 7″ records. This new print, “Basement Photo #2” has been made on a limited run, and may not be re-printed.

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