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Hard Sell Tour Diary- Day 10 (March 19, 2008)

Posted Mar 19, 2008

Hamburg, Germany...We played in a WW2-era bunker of some sort, a gargantuan building with walls several feet thick...after surviving several attempted demolitions, the structure was converted into an arts and community resource centre.

I recall back in 1993, on my first tour of Germany, doing a radio show in (recently liberated) East Berlin from a former Nazi-era communications headquarters. The DJ's political agenda was left-leaning and progressive, and it felt empowering to hear hip-hop thundering through the archaic walls and equipment. Germany's tradition of recycling the historic garbage of the past into something positive is one of the many things I admire about the country and its people.

Getting back to the show, it went fine. To be honest, it just felt sort of average. Perhaps we chilled out too much at the Park Hyatt (one of my favorite hotels in restaurant, hands down), but our energy felt low and our technical performance was so-so. The crowd was generous, as all of the audiences on this tour have been, much to our relief...and the promoters were great. But somehow I found myself...wanting MORE.

Next night, Copenhagen, Denmark (see the photo above). I hadn't been there since 1999, and was enthused to be making a return appearance. The club, Vega, was perfectly suited to our show...just the right size and dimensions, with a crisp and true sound system. Moreover, the night was sold-out, making it the fourth sold-out show in a row. A freak snow-storm added a touch of atmosphere.

Our performance was...nearly perfect. We hit all of our marks, and the crowd was simply incredible. Let it be known...Copenhagen has set the bar for all of our remaining European dates! I just hope we haven't peaked too early...

Yesterday was a truly dull drive-day/ day-off, and tonight is Luxembourg, which I have never played least not since the mid-90s. Sound check is in 20 minutes, so I'm going to wrap this up and grab a snack. Looking forward to Brussels and Amsterdam...
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