Get Shadow Played on the Radio!!

Posted Dec 5, 2011

Request "Scale it Back" feat. Little Dragon on Jelli! Simply go to and create your free account.

Search for DJ Shadow (no quotations).
Then click the yes vote button (check mark) and mouse over the track to find the radioactive symbol. Click it to view the powerup panel, then click the "rocket" symbol.

Once the "rocket" has been clicked by at least one user, the track is "in orbit" and turns green. After it's been rocketed, the more yes votes a the track gets, the more likely it will be played on 96.7 FM in Las Vegas.

So get your friends to click the yes vote button on the track (green check mark) to increase its score and get it onto the airwaves!

Let's get Shadow played on the radio! The track is available on 10pm PST-5am pst nightly!