2009 DJ Shadow Remix Project Winners

Posted Jan 4, 2010

We had so many great submissions for the DJ Shadow Remix Project in 2009. We have already chosen 10 Remixes to be featured as a part of the Project out of hundreds of submissions. The selections are receiving thousands of plays, and are generating interest through the Producer/DJ community. We promised upon the announce of the Remix Project that we would be selecting 1 Winner from the 2009 submissions, to receive a $250 Gift Certificate to

Well, we decided to choose 2 Winners for 2009. Both of these mixes were just so good, we had to reward each of these Producers/DJs.

The Winners for the 2009 DJ Shadow Remix Project:

Missing on the Motorway (Shadow vs Everything But The Girl) By Tiger Mendoza

Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt (Remix by NiT GriT)

We are continuing to accept submissions in 2010, and we will be raising the stakes. Possible prizes for stellar remixes will be announced a little further into the year, and we also have some other interesting plans for the Project, so please stay tuned.

I thought these were available for free to download, confused... O_o

Missing on the Motorway was toooo amazing. Definitely my favourite out of all off them. Deserved winner.

I hope that remixes keep getting posted regularly, they make my week!