DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist: The Hard Sell

This is the original, first-run CD version of the Hard Sell mix. Housed in a “DVD style” package, the top corners were die-cut to replicate the top of the Juke-Bot on the cover. 3,000 copies were manufactured. The green “Hard Sell Encore” CDs which followed contain a completely different version of the mix, with certain songs replaced and added.

From our website: It all started with a phone call (or, in this case, a text message)…”would you want to do Freeze at the Hollywood Bowl?” Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow jumped at the chance to be the first-ever headlining turntablists at the legendary 16,500 capacity venue, the site of infamous concerts by everyone from John Williams to the Beatles to the Doors. In the process of preparing for the June 2007 show, Shadow and Cut recorded their rehearsals, allowing for this episode in all-45 mayhem: The Hard Sell.