DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist : Brainfreeze

Figuring few people would be interested, Shadow and Cut originally pressed only 1000 copies of the CD. To fulfill demand they quickly pressed another 1000 copies, and then stood by their word to fans (and the convenience store chain pictured on the cover) and stopped there. Therefore, only 2000 copies out there in the world are real, while the other 70,000-100,000 (by some estimates) are bootlegs.

Original CD’s were sold primarily on Shadow’s Fall 1999 US tour, and Cut’s first Word of Mouth tour with Jurassic 5. Only two stores in the world were authorized to carry the original CD: Aron’s Records in L.A., and Groove Merchant in S.F. Therefore if you bought the CD at ANY OTHER STORE IN THE WORLD, you have a bootleg.
Another easy way to tell is that the legit CDs have orange text on white; the bootleg has orange text on silver (plain CD, no white.)

There were several bootleg vinyl releases (Shadow and Cut did not press vinyl of this mix.) The first boot, in 2000, came in a plain black cover. Subsequent bootlegs borrowed the CD cover image.